Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Prayer and Spirituality

The purpose to Prayer and Spirituality is to provide resources for people to find new ways to pray and enrich their spirituality. Below are prayer services coming up in the near future. Please join us.



Advent Reconciliation

Wednesday, December 13, at noon and 7:00 pm

Communal reconciliation service with an opportunity to receive the sacrament of reconciliation following the service.




This seasonal page offers prayer and reflection opportunities for Advent in many different forms.

This seasonal page offers prayer and reflection opportunities for Lent in many different forms.

Prayers and intentions that are emailed through our website are prayed for by volunteers to this ministry.

This is an inspiring movement for interested persons to knit or crochet and pray for others in need.


Spiritual Guidance/Mentoring

Spiritual guides are available upon request. Contact Nancie Chmielewski or call (414) 545-4316 for options and more information.