Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Parish Mission 2017

Discipleship: Turning Our World Upside Down!

With Aaron Thompson



Who is Aaron Thompson?

Aaron Thompson is a family man who lives with his wife and four children in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a composer, vocalist, guitarist, pianist, trumpet player, and Music Minister. Aaron is a devout Catholic who has toured the world sharing his music, appearing at conferences, and leading missions. He has a love of worship, a passion for the Catholic Church, and a heart for ministry. He leads prayer and worship with humor, heart, and a hopeful, faith-filled perspective. He is coming here to be with us in March!

Aaron’s songs range from joyful Praise music such as “Go Now,” to beautiful prayerful melodies, like “Tree of Life.” Some songs reflect on his experiences of fatherhood, such as the song “Wings.” He showed support for the people of Haiti with his video “The Lord Upholds my Life.” His latest release is a bilingual song called “Send Me/Enviame,” which has a driving drum beat and slide guitars.

You can learn more about Aaron on his website: www.AaronThompsonMusic.com. You can also find him on YouTube, Facebook, and on our parish website. Then you’ll have plenty to talk to him about when he is here in March, and you’ll know which of his five CD’s you want to purchase.

Aaron Thompson Videos

“Go Now”


“Tree of Life”




“10,000 Angels”


“Haiti Music Video”


What is a Parish Mission?

  • A time of community and personal renewal.
  • Often occurs during Lent and we focus on reaching out to others and inward on changing our hearts to grow as disciples of Christ.
  • Parish Missions take on a variety of formats—often, they involve preaching and option for Sacraments, all in the effort to help the parish community grow closer to God and each other.


Aaron Thompson Signing CDs

Aaron Thompson playing at Mass

Sue Sajdak and Aaron Thompson