Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Parish App Overview (Parish App)

Download Information

Step 1:

iPhone: text ololmke1 to 555888

Android: text ololmke2 to 555888

A link will be texted back to download the app from your app store provider. You can also search for “Liturgical Publications Our Lady of Lourdes Milwaukee” if your cell phone does not allow texting to six digit numbers.

Step 2:

Tap the link and follow the download instructions from your app store.

Standard Features

The app gives you easy mobile access to weekly bulletins, our website, online giving, staff contact information, the readings of the day, standard prayers used by the Church, Catholic news feeds, and sacrament preparation details.


Parish Specific Buttons

Beyond the standard features, we are able to add buttons that are ministry and event specific. Once downloaded, you will notice options for GIFT, the Discipleship Institute, pulpit announcements, the parish calendar, and our website. These will be regular features that will always be available on the app. We are also able to add and remove buttons that will be event specific and will come and go based on the timing of the event. Currently, a button for the upcoming Parish Mission is available. There will also be buttons for the festival and Oktoberfest as we get closer to those events.


Groups and Push Notifications

Many apps come with a feature called push notifications. This allows the app to alert you about information the app provider wants you to know. Generally, these notifications go out to everyone who has the app. The OLOL app is a bit different because it puts the notifications in your control. Although there is a General group that we will push info out to all users (like weather closings), we can also do group specific notifications. For example, GIFT, the festival, Oktoberfest, the Discipleship Institute, and the Parish Mission can all push out announcements through the app. We are also able to create groups that are not connected to a button, such as our Funeral Announcement group. You as the user can choose whether or not you want to receive the notifications on a group by group basis.

To access the Notifications section of the app, tap the menu icon (three lines stacked on top of each other) in the top left-hand corner. Select “Notifications” and then choose the groups you want to receive notifications about. Gray = off. Blue = on.

Download a list of notification groups and the info you will receive.