Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Ministers of Hospitality (Greeter/Usher)

This ministry offers the opportunity to greet parishioners and guests who come to worship at Our Lady of Lourdes.  Hospitality Ministers are the ambassadors of our community, since they are the first impression people receive when they arrive. Many parishioners have joined our parish because of the welcoming presence of our Greeters and Ushers, so the ability to interact with people in a friendly and helpful way is a key quality for this ministry. Greeters are asked to arrive at least one half-hour before liturgy begins in order to greet people as they arrive, hand out worship aids, assist with seating, help with the collection and distribute bulletins at the end of liturgy. Consider doing this ministry as a family or with a friend or two!


Training & Scheduling: No formal schedule or training is involved. If you are interested in this ministry, you need only to show up at least one half-hour before the beginning of liturgy and connect with the Head Usher for instructions.


Ministry of Head Usher

This ministry is an extension of the Ministry of Hospitality, and provides the same opportunity to be a welcoming presence and learn to know our parish community. Some of the responsibilities of this ministry include gathering people to take up the collection and bring up the Gifts. Ushers are welcome and needed at all liturgies, so the choice of liturgy to serve is yours.


Training: This involves working with an experienced Head Usher at the liturgy of your choice.

Scheduling: Ushers at each liturgy work this out together.