Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Lectors (Ministers of the Word)

Lectors are entrusted with proclaiming God’s Word at liturgy. This involves the reading and reflecting of the assigned scriptures so their message and meaning can be communicated to the community through your proclamation. Lectors should be articulate and at ease speaking in public. Preparation includes the use of the Lector Workbook, which contains the readings for the year/cycle and provides invaluable information such as the context of a reading, reflections and a pronunciation guide.


Training: This is required and provided on an individual basis.

Schedules: These are prepared approximately 3-4 times per year and based upon your availability and preference of  liturgy.

Contact:  Ralph Stewart (414) 525-9412 (scheduling); Deb Steppe at (414) 405-0138 or Mary Lamping at (414) 327-2675 (training).


January 6 – April 1, 2018 Availability Form