Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church


Smiling TeenagersWelcome to an opportunity for adolescents to confirm their faith!

If you are searching for a deeper relationship with our God, who is crazy in love with you, and a loving community in which to find it, please keep reading!

We believe our program is an apprenticeship in the fullness of our Catholic faith. Youth will be encouraged to use their God-given talents to build up the church through service in Liturgy, parish and the larger community.

Confirmation formation sessions take place during GIFT (Generations In Faith Together), our whole community catechesis program.

Each candidate for Confirmation chooses a sponsor and attends two evenings for candidates and sponsors hosted by the district.

A favorite part of the year is our Confirmation retreat held in November. (See youth retreats)

And so much more …


Requirements ~

Youth must be 16, a junior in high school and have completed grades 9 and 10 in the GIFT program or in a Catholic high school.

Please join us with an open mind and a generous heart and we’ll invite the Spirit to do the rest.


What is Confirmation and What Do I Need to Know?

What Parents Need to Know


What Sponsors Need to Know


What Teens Need to Know


Confirmation Is…

This catchy and engaging PowerPoint style video with a lively soundtrack addresses all the current misconceptions about confirmation (very well) and presents an accurate and correct understanding of the theology and purpose of the Sacrament of Confirmation.



C4: Ignite Your Catholic Faith—Why Do I Need Church?

Bishop Don Hying explains why we need church and church needs us. Explores the importance of belonging to a community.



Walk by Faith

Using video footage from Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade and a soundtrack based on the Jeremy Camp song, “Walk by Faith,” this clip powerfully shows trust and faith. Our culture is one that likes “proof”. How and when is faith needed in our lives?