Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Mission and Vision

Altar Ambo Our Lady of Lourdes MilwaukeeMission

A mission statement defines the core purpose of the organization – why it exists. Effective missions are inspiring, long-term in nature, and easily understood and communicated. The new mission statement for Our Lady of Lourdes is short, easy to remember and succinctly defines who we are…

Our Lady of Lourdes
is a pilgrim church
coming to know
the Kingdom of God
by being Christ to the world.


A vision statement is a broad, belief-based image of the future, what we are aiming to achieve…what drives us. With that, the vision statement created for Our Lady of Lourdes is:

Our Lady of Lourdes is a way station where all are welcome.
By freely sharing our gifts, we build community.
Energizing prayer and worship nourish us on our journey of transformation.
We are called also to evangelize and witness to the world,
committing our creativity to the service of justice and compassion.