Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Cluster Collaboration

In 1988, the Archbishop of Milwaukee asked parishes to join with neighboring parishes and work together on a variety of issues. Parishes in close proximity with each other are encouraged to collaborate.

Together we aim to support one another in our ministries and offer our parishioners a wider variety of activities and ministries in a number of areas of parish life.

Our Lady of Lourdes works in collaboration with:


St. Gregory the Great Parish & School

saint gregs 3160 South 63rd Street

Milwaukee, WI 53219

Parish Office: (414) 543-8292

School Office: (414) 321-1350

St. Gregory the Great Parish offers their parishioner discounted tuition rate for Our Lady of Lourdes parish children who attend St. Greg’s School.

Website: http://www.StGregsMil.org


St. Matthias Catholic Parish

saint matthias 9306 West Beloit Road

Milwaukee, WI 53227

Parish Office: (414) 321-0893

Website: http://www.stmatthias-milw.org